ZOOM Meeting - Recorded Lectures

Thu 15 Feb 2024 7:00pm

This is a late change to the programme. Due to unforseen circumstances we will be unable to use the Brayton premises on this night.  Therfore our only option is to hold a ZOOM meeting.

The night will be hosted by the President, Robert Helliwell.  Robert will introduce some of the RPS recorded lectures. Further details to be arranged.

The meeting will open as usual at around 18:40 ready for a prompt start at 19:00 .  We will have a break around 20:00 and will close around 21.00. I will send out the necessary Zoom link the previous weekend.

If anyone is unsure how to install and operate zoom I have included below some links to useful YouTube  videos:


Once installed it is simple to use, but tutorials are available here: 



Chris Field, Acting Programme Secretary

Brayton Community Centre, Foxhill Lane,