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Here is one of a 'lockdown' series using focus stacking. I am trying to create some presence/impact as well as to master focus stacking. All comments are welcome. I have also been trying to improve my PS skills and now regularly link LR and PS. I'm finding some things impossible in PS and others impossible in LR. Hey-ho. In this image the backgoud was achieved by 'select and mask' in PS.

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Image by Robert Helliwell


Hi Robert hope you are well.

I know focus stacking is done to create sharp phocus front to back but in this instance weather or not its the way it is lit, some of the pettals appear sharper at the back than the front and to me it makes it look a little flat but thats just the way i am looking at it.this is just at the top part of the image.

Youv'e certainly created some impact Robert with bright & vibrant colours that work well on the black background and the image appears sharp throughout. I've never really understood the concept of odd numbers being better than even one's but in this instance I do find the top flower not only draws my eye to the top of the page but also tends to dominate the image. I wonder what the image would be like without the 4th flower in at all ? .

It's certainly a vibrant image with impact and I had to get my glasses to check sharpness. I think it is sharp throughout but there is a very tiny suggestion of less sharpness to the inside of the botton flower that is in the foreground that the larger flower that is more towards the background. It may however just be an optical effect it's hard to tell.

Keep going with the focus stacking you are obviously making headway.

Submitted by kevin-webb on Fri 19 Jun 2020 10:02am

Thanks for all these coments. Here is an adjustment in the light of them. Inceased the black background in PS and dropped the image down. Can't easily make three flowers but thought the action as described may give a better balance? Any further omments?

Robert, on balance, and in keeping the same composition,  I think I prefer the original version, It has more punch than the second