Celestial Dawn

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Here's a photograph I took at Lythme St Annes Last month.  Comments welcome

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Image by Mark Aldridge


Wow Mark this is a very interesting photograph. The dark sky at the top works well to hold me in the scene. I think monochrome helps this as well. Perhaps a crop from the right would help emphasise the height and balance it in the frame? Also, I'd be tempted to get a brush in LR and set it to clarity + and highlight  - ( try the values on the sliders until it looks right) and bring more detail into the sky just above the horizon.

Well caught Mark, I absolutely agree with Robert about a little more detail in the sky just above the horizon particularly on the right hand side. Not a lot but just to  bring out a little more detail. Also agree about the clouds at the top but I think the one on the left is too dark and out of sync with the rest of the picture. For me lighten it to match the righthand side. Again we are talking very small amounts.

I like the square format and think it helps add a sense of desolation but the boat is too far to the left. I know it's not moving but because it's pointing to the left I think it need more space to the left, to sail into if it was moving. Of coure you might not have anymore space to the left but if you have it would be interesting to see what effect that has.

Again like Robert I like the monochrome treatment

Submitted by kevin-webb on Fri 27 Nov 2020 10:41am