Patterns Beneath a Pier

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Image Critique

I am trying to improve my monochrome images regarding image quality. This is my most recent B & W. PLEASE - any comments please?

Best wishes


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Image by Robert Helliwell


I do like this, Robert. I like the viewpoint and it is as sharp as it need to be  throughout. I would probably leave well alone if it was mine. The only thought that I had was a slight (and I mean slight!) increase in detail on the underside of the deck. That might be too difficult because of all the steel bars criss crossing. See what you think......!


I agree with Alan the image is sharp throughout and the tones are good.The underside of the decking being slightly darker does hold the eye to the lower part of the image. However,  I find the foreground pole very dominant ( it would probably make for an interting image in it's own right ) and for me tends to make the image "heavy" on the left hand side. If the image was slightly wider with the right hand side strut being visible would that make it more balanced.