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I made this picture today (27 July) in Osbaldwick just after the downpour that flooded half the road. This created a marvelous reflective surface, especially from a super low perspective. Great photo opportunity that I couldn't pass up, helped the frequent passing of cyclists.

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Image by Thijs van der Feltz


Well seen Thijs and well captured for a spur of the moment shot. Good sky, looks like more rain, and the cyclist in the right place with room to move into. I just wonder if the overall image could be slightly, very slightly, lighter,. Great street photography shot.

A well-seen shot and well taken. It is well balanced and the sky adds some impact. The tonal areas balance well. The low view-point adds imapct and creates a more suitably unusual shot. A good lesson here - always have your camera with you, even when it is raining! Would it be enhaced by a small increase in contrast followed bya slight decrease in the highlight? Also, would a re-alignment of the verticals to correct the slight fall from left to right help the visual impact?

I love this shot! I like the muted colours.  I would like to see the cyclists face lightened a little if possible though so you can see his eyes as they are a bit covered in the helmet's shadow at the moment

Robert, good point about "always have your camera with you, even when it is raining". If I had only thought about that before I went out, because the irony is, that I took this photo with my humble (not so impressive) smartphone, with JPG output. Which shows another truism of photography: that it's not the equipment, but the photographer that makes a picture.

Catrina, thanks for the compliment. While I agree that the cyclist's face could/should be a little lighter, I wonder nowadays about the legality of posting (recognisable) people's pictures online, without their consent.
Can anyone enlighten me about this?

Same photo with a few alterations applied (re-alignment of verticals, slightly brighter and more contrast)

in English Law anyone in a public space may be photographed without consent being required. One does not have to agree to a request to stop photographing, even if this request is made by a police officer. Of course, common sesnce approach taking into account the situation at the time is needed, A year or so ago, Alan Priest drew up a document and it my be a good idea to search this out and pblish it in the news section of the website. On private land and property, that is not the case. Sometimes there are situations where it seems polite to just ask if the subject minds.This picture quite clearly meets th public space criteria.

Thjis, I am attaching a link to the PAGB website which may help you clarify the situation.

The club did some while ago issue a small card which could be carried by the photographer and which outlined the procedures to follow. Maybe we should either re-issue or make avialable on the website.