A bit of water's not going to stop us!

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My Dad and I took a trip to Wheldrake Ings just after Christmas - it was rather flooded but we eventually made it to the bird hide you can see at the top of the picture - I got very wet feet!  I quite liked this picture, not sure what category it would fit under - probably Open?  But it just looks like it is missing something?  Maybe a bit too dingy?  Any suggestions on how to make it any better would be welcome :)

Image by Catrina Webb


This is a really well composed and taken image.  The story is interesting and has a degree of humour.  It may have been worth considering including all of the tree at the end of the leading water lines and bringing Dad back to the left a little so that he was looking more into the scene and not back towards the tree.  Having said that, I think you have a great shot ad is.

Submitted by allan-bate on Wed 29 Jul 2020 10:20pm