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I've been helping my brother create his website for accent modification and dialect training.  We found a stock image that we liked the look of, but couldn't work out the copyrights etc to use it so attempted my own version for him to use for free.  

I attempted a home studio using the sunshine in the window and some tinfoil taped to a laptop tray as a reflector and put the camera on time delay to give me time to jump into position (unfortunately I don't think I actually managed to get the make-shift reflector to point in the right direction so not sure I've quite managed the highlights in the right place...)

Anyway,  then I've been messing about in photoshop to mix all the layers together using a "smoke" brush and fonts for the letters.  I'm pretty pleased with the result so far but it doesn't do exactly what I had envisaged...I ideally wanted the letters to look like they were dispearsing into the air and sort of floating away.  So the question is, does anyone have any ideas on how I could achieve this effect?

Just thought I'd share a little of what I've been up to lately :)

Image by Catrina Webb


This is really good Catrina.  i'm in France at the moment and sadly don't have eccess to a computer for a few days (long story), so I'm going to have to guess what I might do to make the letters dissapear.  I'm assuming the letters are on a separate layer?  If so. Open a new layer above the text layer and fill it with 50% grey.  Now go to Filter - render - clouds.  For a stronger effect hold the alt/option key down when you click on "clouds".  Now clip that layer to the letters layer (hold alt/option, hover beteeen the two layers and click).  The cloud effect should appear only in the letters.  To finish off, either merge the two laters or pt them into a group (called, cloudy letters?).  Either way, now add a (white) mask to the merged layers or the group.  Now apply a gradiant:  make sure the mask is highlighted, click on the graduant to, make sure is is a simple linear black to transparent gradiant and draw a line from where the letters start (on the left) up to (wherever you like) say half way accross the letters.  Hope that works.  If not sorry.  Let me know.  Once I am back in touch with my computer I'll be able to tell you properly, If need be.  All the best, Allan


Submitted by allan-bate on Sun 12 Jul 2020 8:51pm

Oh, sorry.   You may also like to change the blend mode, so that it blends a little better into the background.  Try then all and choose the one you think works best.

Submitted by allan-bate on Sun 12 Jul 2020 8:56pm

This is awesome, thank you so much :) I spent ages this morning trying to work out how to do that (all my letters were individual layers so I was trying to do them individually! d'oh)

Thanks :)