Morning Mist over Llangadog

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I'm finally catching up with my pictures.  This is one from our trip to Wales back in August last year - I wondered if there was anything to it.  I like it because of the interesting mist rising off the hills in the background but there still seems to be "something" missing to make it pop - any ideas welcome.... 

Unfortunately I only have a .jpg as I didn't know how to take pictures in raw back then which may cause a few issues

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Image by Catrina Webb


Hi Catrina - I hope you are well. Here, you've handled the tones well and the road is a good lead in. The mist is very attractive and I wonder if there is any more room at the top of the page? If so, I'd be tempted to see what you can get from the top third - from just below the white house on a third and above as much as possible. It may not work to your satisfaction but maybe worth a try? At the moment maybe there is a bit of tension between the top third and the bottom?

Hi Catrina.

Lovely image, natural colours, not over processed. Good recession. The road is a good leading line. I'm not sure about the small piece of tree in the top left corner, it's a bit of a distraction just hanging there. If you did a small crop from the left it would get rid of it and put the road nearer to the botton left corner slightly improving it's lead in. Perhaps lighten the road a little and see if you can get more detail out of the sky, not too much as I don't think it wants to be too dramatic but it would better tonaly balance with the forground I think. You could try lightening the trees in the middle and see if you can get a bit more detail out of them but again not too much. I know it's the fashion but I'm not sure it wants to pop too much a it's a tranquil scene.

Submitted by kevin-webb on Fri 26 Jun 2020 7:02am

The image now is visually stronger now and brings more of the mist and distant hills into play. Would a clarity adustment used in a graduated filter bring out even more atmosphere?

I like this image Catrina and tend to agree with most of the preceding comments.

I've had a very quick go at tweaking it in Photoshop and here is the result.
1. Rather than cropping the left hand side, I've simply cloned out the overhanging twigs.
2. I've added a grad filter over the top third of the image to darken and add a bit more depth to the clouds. I could have made the sky even darker to add some drama, but at the expense of the overall tranquility of the image. Just a matter of personal taste I suppose.
I would really encourage you to have a go shooting in RAW, as you will be able to retrieve much more detail from your images than with jpegs.
For instance, by using the "Highlights" adjustment in Camera Raw you would have been able to get a lot more detail into the clouds and avoid some of the burnt out highights, which is usually unrecoverable with a jpg file.
Just my two penneth, but I hope it helps