Let's not miss the train

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I found the emptyness of York Station erie, while the sunlit couple hurrying to catch their train is the only thing that breaks the silence. It was taken with a (mostly corrected) fisheye lens and converted to black & white to emphasise the emptyness and the strong lines.

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Image by Thijs van der Feltz


Although I'm not that keen on the righthand side and station roof (they are a bit dark and perhaps the shot would benefit from cropping them out to a more vertical frame) I am very impressed with the action. It begs questions of what the story is about with the figures e.g. are they eloping, does she actually know him or whilst shopping has he just walked off with her case? etc. etc. This does inspire me to try some street work myself.

This seems to have worked becaise of the extreme range of tones and the strong composition. I did wonder if a crop on the right and in the foreground to exclude the very bright lamp would improve it even further in a square format? Good shot though with a strong impact, and as Davis says the two figures really make it.

Well seen the two people are the story I wouldn't crop it at all but I do think the righthand side is too dark and lacks almost any detal as well as the roof in te top left corner. It might be intereting to introduce just a little more detail into these areas, not too much but just enoug to creat a little mystery, a bit more atmosphere perhaps.

Also I think it's the side of the steps botton left hand corner are too bright, they are not the subject and catch the eye, perhaps tone them down just a tad.

Submitted by kevin-webb on Tue 23 Jun 2020 10:53am

Having had another look, I'm even more convinced about not cropping it. If you do you will start to lose the sense of a vast empty space which is what I think attracted you to take it in the first place

Submitted by kevin-webb on Tue 23 Jun 2020 10:58am

Thanks for the (somewhat contradictory) comments which goes to show that the appeal of a photo can be rather subjective. As you can see, I have made some tonal changes based on your suggestions, and tweaked the geometry a bit.

@Robert: It's not clear to me which 'very bright lamp' you are referring to.

Sorry Thijs! A transcription error!! "Ramp," bottom left!

Ramp has been fixed Robert (by dimming the 'lamp'?), hopefully to your satisfaction ;-)