Beauty and the Beast-Ingleton Quarry

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Has this got an enviromental message? Any comments welcome other than "don't stand on the viewing area wall" as I already know I shouldn't have done that.

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Image by David Henderson


Hi David. Glad you got back safely! This image had some immediate impact for me. It is well composed and your viewpoint emphasises the vastness of the excavation and its depth, The two yellow lorries add some suitable interest.  The composition seems well balanced. The tones and eposure are well handled. I did wonder if the very dark tones on the left might benefit from a slight uplift to reveal a hint of detail? I did wonder if the sky and background hills might be made just a little unsharp? The background seems important to set the context but a liitle encouragement not to spend too much time viewing that area may help focus on the main part. I tried to imagine a little cropping from the top - but I wasn't persuaded that would hellp.

Hi David I come from a Mineral background in fact my team, when I was working,  valued this quarry for Business Rates.  My view is that almost everything we purchase comes from minerals either directly or indirectly (fertiliser etc) and minerals only exist where they are, they are not everywhere.  So I view this as both a necessity for mineral and a form of income to the treasury. So does it matter if its either a beauty or a beast!

Nice image. On first viewing the perspective does look a little odd but when you get your head round the depth its fine.  If I had any processing comments I wonder if you should lift the dark tones on the left to bring out the slope details and maybe slightly tone down the loose material on the bottom right to stop it attracting your eye 

Lovely image well taken and hey we all do silly thing sometimes to get the image and thankfully get away wih it. You have captured the scale of the quarry very well aided by the trucks and people. Just a touch of lightening on the dard areas of the left had side may improve the tonal balance and show a little more detail. I would not crop it all all and think the horizon is well placed  and adds to the overall impact of the image - nice one.

Submitted by kevin-webb on Fri 19 Jun 2020 10:18am