Six Trees Blue Hour

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Image Critique

Are silhouettes out of fashion? How would this do in a competition? No need to be kind, hit me with both barrels if you like.

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Image by David Henderson


Fashion, like convention, is an invention of others to control the masses.  I'm happiest sitting outside it, looking in.  I'm looking at the image on my phone David so not in the best position to offer a critique, but I would say that  it's simplicity suits the silhouette two tone presentstion.

Submitted by allan-bate on Thu 18 Jun 2020 3:01pm

Hi David  I'm inclined a bit towards Allan's comment. Chasing fashion is not going to help. The image, at the end of the day has to be yours. The comments of others are to enable you to consider things more, but are not in any sense 'right'. The strength of this and the impact is the bending tree on the right (3rd in). It maybe that you could gain a bit more imapct by omitting some more of the bottom edge? Depends on the judge, in my opinion it may do quite well - but it needs a judge with good visual acuity. To my eye it appears well balanced. It is also interesting because of the silhouette shapes and the fact that the shapes are varied in angle and size.

I like this very much, David. Whether it would do well in a competition, who knows? Judges can have strange ideas about what is good or bad. The question is 'do you like it?' Give it a try but don't worry if the judge hates it - it is too good an image for that. After 42 years in Selby CC I really don't care what a judge thinks these days - it is all subjective!

Alan Robson FRPS APAGB

Nice image, clean and simple, always ignore fashion as it changes often. I think the horozon is well placed and makes for a pleasant view. Just one point the horizon slopes down to the right and I realize that may well be how the land was. You could try straightening it I know that may well be artificial but may make the image easier on the eye.

Submitted by kevin-webb on Fri 19 Jun 2020 10:08am